Eye Essentials

Eye Essentials

At Lesleys Beauty Clinic we understand that perfectly shaped eyebrows enhance your features and frame your face. We will help you find the perfect eyebrow shape for your features to enhance your look.

With our expertise we can help define the length, shape and arch of your eyebrow. Even if you have been overplucked causing sparser or gapping of growth, hope is not lost! we will work with you on a re-growth programme to achieve your perfect brows. 

Our benefits of a professional eyebrow / eyelash:

"Lifts" the look of your eyes and enhances your features
Defines the shape of your brows and lashes
Results in a clean, groomed look
The shape will be customized for your unique features and eye shape

HD Brows €40

Eye Brow Shape €12

Eye Brow Tint €10

Eye Brow Trim/tint €18

Eye Lash Tint €15


Yumi Lashes €75 (first treatment) to include home care lash treatment worth €20. For all futher follow on treatments €55. No need for false lashes! Yumi Lashes gives your lashes a natural lift and help them appear longer and thicker. Results last up to 12 weeks.

Occasional Cluster False lashes € 20 Half set €14

Lash in a flash €30 (individual light weight lashes)


For your comfort and safety a 24hr patch test is require for eye care treatments, for first time clientsor if you have not had these treatments in the last six months.

So please feel free to contact us at any stage regarding your beauty requirement.